Health and Safety Solutions

COVID-19 not only highlighted the need for dynamic one-to-many communications capabilities, but also changed the way businesses operate. Leverage FWI’s new health and safety solutions to communicate more effectively in our COVID-driven world.


Key Benefits

Help keep your audience safe with real-time information


Respond quickly to any communications need


Ensure your critical messaging has a higher impact

The Functionality you Need.

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    Update your audience in real-time about changes to public space usage, sanitation schedules, area closures, and more.  

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    Quickly set-up new points of messaging through portable digital signage, to meet any new communications need as it arises. ​ 

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    Combine health & safety content with protective equipment such as sanitizer and masks through integrated health and safety resource stations. 

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    Leverage our library of COVID-specific content to reiterate preventative practices and help your audience safely transition back to public spaces.   


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    Our software supports multiple player devices, including IOS, Android, BrightSign and Windows, making it easier to display your content. 

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    Deploy critical messages within seconds using FWI Cloud, ensuring your target audience always has access to relevant information. 

Top Health & Safety Solution Use Cases

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    Hand Sanitizer Stations

    Ideal for high-traffic areas, this small form-factor screen is integrated with a touchless hand sanitizer, allowing you to communicate critical information while also providing access to essential health and safety resources. 


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    PPE Stations

    Perfect for upscale lobby areas, deploy this larger display to ensure your audience has access to relevant information as well as hand sanitizer, face masks, or gloves. 

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    Portable A-Frame

    Flexible communications are now a requirement. Use this lightweight, portable display to quickly add signage to new areas, without having to mount new hardware. 

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    Mobile Kiosk 

    Made for locations that require more refined finishes, this portable display is easy to move and looks great in corporate lobbies, upscale retail facilities, hotel lobbies, and more.  

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    Space Notification 

    The way we all use public spaces is different now. Use this pre-built application to deliver space status updates plus health and safety content to keep your audience informed. 


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    Directional Wayfinding

    Use FWI’s Directional Wayfinding application to help employees navigate the new realities of your space while also limiting congestion in high traffic areas. 


Interested? Please contact us to learn more about how your business can leverage any of these new health and safety solutions.