FWI Directional Wayfinding

The way we navigate shared spaces has changed. How your people use your space is likely to change from one day to the next. To comply with health and safety guidelines, communicating those changes is critical.

Make it easier to comply with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. 


Use FWI Cloud to update directional indicators and enable or disable available areas to divert foot traffic or destinations on the fly. 


Make directional wayfinding a part of your space with customized branding. 

Key Product Features.

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    The FWI platform is built to solve today’s challenges, plus scale with your business into the future, regardless of how many screens or applications you need. 

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    Get self-service device licensing and activation capabilities, real-time status monitoring and screenshots from your deployed players. 

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    Leverage FWI Cloud to turn any employee into a content contributor, ensuring your content stays fresh.   

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    Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while minimizing ongoing onsite IT maintenance. 

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    FWI provides 24/7 support as well as optional content creation services and ongoing management services. 

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    With the Phillips for Android AIO 10.1 display and optional freestanding mount, you can easily move your signage wherever flexible communication is needed. 

Application Highlights

Take a look at the different ways you can inform your employees of room closures, new traffic patterns, and more.

Interested? We’re here to help you navigate the complex communications needs presented by the COVID-driven environment we all find ourselves in.