Your audience expects you to provide for their safety needs.

FWI offers digital signage + safety resources together that answer this need. Whether you're looking for digital signage solutions that pair signage and hand-sanitizer dispensers or you're looking for portable signage, we have the solutions you need. Please fill out the form below to learn more.

Learn more about communicating effectively during and after COVID-19

In addition to new hardware options that combine communication and safety resources, you'll need the right content, as well as the ability to easily make content updates. We've got you covered.

To ensure the health and safety of your employees or guests as they return to your location, we've provided free content based on CDC guidelines--simply download and deploy to any of your digital signs.



Whether you're reopening an office, a hotel, or a retail store, the key to a successful transition back is communication. Read a recent article from FWI's Chief People Officer to learn how we're facilitating the return to our office.



Regardless of the digital signage applications you want to deploy, keeping your screens updated with fresh content and streamlining device management is incredibly important. Watch this short video to see how FWI Cloud makes both of those tasks easier.